Sample pack includes 4 oz bottle of habanero carrot curry, 4 oz bottle of serrano ginger lemongrass, 4 oz bottle of red chilli lime, and 4 oz bottle of smoked habanero barbeque. These make a perfect gift for your favorite Haute sauce lover!


Marshall's Haute Sauce

Sarah Marshall started her business out of a love for canning, preserving, and creating flavors never seen before. You can often find her in her commercial kitchen experimenting with drying, distilling, and infusing- to create fun flavors ranginf from Ghost Chili Apple to Gin Roasted Pepper. Each bottle is made by hand and stamped with a batch number, in a beautiful French square glass bottle that can be reused or recycled. Each ingredient is purchased from Sarah's stand neighbors and the Portland Farmers Market.

Marshall's Haute Sauce Sampler